At The Alternative Network, we believe that when it comes to coffee, fresh is best, which is why we roast to the specific needs of your order. Coffee is roasted the night before your delivery to ensure it's of the highest quality. Wholesale pricing is available to anyone or business looking to provide their market with an ethically sourced, fair trade, and organic product.


We offer unique packaging options for both wholesale shipping and your personal retail packaging. Our retail packaging is a special paper bag that is environmentally friendly. It is made of polished paper that has absolutely no coatings or additives! The density of this bag provides a natural and effective barrier to oils and oxygen - thus keeping your coffee fresh and aromatic! The best part is that it is completely biodegradable and recyclable!

For our wholesale customers, the coffee is packed in a two-pound foil bag with a one-way valve for added freshness and functionality.

Want your own custom label? Sure! We can arrange to put on custom-made labels for your retail outlet or for that special occasion of yours. Just let us know, and we can work on the design together.

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